Zion National Park

Zion National Park

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The Zion Narrows in Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park

It would be hard to find a place in America that compares with the grandeur that Zion National Park possesses. In southern Utah, where the air is clean, and the landscape is absolutely breathtaking, is a masterpiece of nature. Zion is a symphony of dramatic stone pillars, buttes and crevices. The vertical topography of Zion reaches to the clouds showcasing some of the worlds highest and without a doubt, most magnificent monoliths. Zion National Park gets more visitors than any other Utah park. Waterfalls plunge from cliffs, bighorn sheep scuttle across slickrock and hikers explore the vast landscape of the terrain. Meanwhile, just as it has for millions of years, the Virgin River winds and tumbles over boulders, as it continues to carve Zion Canyon.

Zion National Park Lodging

Lodging: Zion National Park

The area east of Zion is often called the "heart of the parks" for good reason; a glance at a southern Utah map will reveal shangri-la for those who enjoy astounding scenery and a haven away from the crowded cities and towns found on Zion's south side. From the east side of Zion National Park it is only a short drive to other scenic attractions of southern Utah and northern Arizona. The incredible Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway (SR-9) winds through the park and continues out Zion's east entrance to where it meets with US-89. From there Bryce Canyon National Park is 60-miles, Cedar Breaks National Monument is 45-miles, an entrance to the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Glendale is 9-miles and the Grand Canyon is 85-miles. If you take North Fork Road, just 3-miles from the park's east entrance, you can travel it all the way to SR-14, into Dixie National Forest.

East Zion National Park Lodging and Services
Hotels, resorts, guest ranches, bed and breakfasts, cabins, campgrounds and dining are all offered in East Zion. There is something for everyone in and around Zion National Park. Adventure ranges from scenic drives to outstanding trails, including one of the most famous hikes anywhere - Zion Narrows which begins up the North Fork Road in East Zion and ends at the Riverside Walk Trail in Zion Canyon. 

Directions to Zion National Park
If your plans include flying to Las Vegas, then you will find rental cars at the airport. Zion National Park is a 3-hour drive, north of Las Vegas on Interstate I15. The main park is located about 4-hours south of Salt Lake City on Interstate I15. Visitors from northern Utah have the opportunity to travel the impressive Utah scenic byways, SR-89, rather than driving along the interstate. The Kolob Canyon's section of Zion is located right off the interstate, just a few miles south of Cedar City. To get to the Kolob Terrace one would turn at the signed road in the small town of Virgin, Utah.

Zion National Park Mileage  to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a treasure trove of hidden secrets just waiting to be explored. Wonderful gems exist, like the secret waterfall along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and Echo Canyon, a gorgeous slot canyon that is nestled deep in the slickrock country of the East Rim Trail. Everyone will find beauty and excitement in Zion National Park. Driving from the east side of Zion is amazing, with its twisted rock sculptures of navajo sandstone hoodoos and the massive East Temple looming above. After passing through two tunnels the highway descends quickly. Soon eyes raise to the Great Arch and the blanched cylindrical crown of the Beehives. The steep, crooked descent down the Zion Switchbacks leads to Canyon Junction. The Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway continues past the turn-off to Zion Canyon, toward the Watchman and the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and Zion Human History Museum, both of which are shuttle stops. 

Zion National Park Vacation: Canyon Country

Zion National Park map Red Canyon - Dixie National Forest Cedar Mountain - Dixie National Forest Zion National Park Coral Pink Sand Dunes North Rim of the Grand Canyon Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument East Zion Welcome Center Bryce Canyon National Park Cedar Breaks National Monument Scenic Byway 89 Scenic Byway 14 Scenic Byway 143 Scenic Byway 12 Scenic Byway 9 - Zion Mt. Carmel Hwy Zion National Park Lodging Zion National Park Lodging

Zion Mt. Carmel Highway: Cars and normal sized trucks can travel SR-9, from Zion's south entrance, out the east entrance (or visa versa) to the junction of SR-9 & US-89 year-round, 24 hours a day. See restrictions for oversized vehicles.
Zion Canyon Scenic Drive: April through October only the free Zion Shuttle is permitted to travel through the canyon. November through March private vehicle may drive along the road and park at the trailheads in the canyon. (Shuttle dates may vary slightly)

Naturalist Notes


Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon are all located within a 100-mile radius of Mount Carmel Junction, located on the East side of Zion. Zion and the entire east side of the park shares the magnificent amphitheaters of stone sculptures that are part of the Grand Staircase geology. The North Rim makes up the bottom layer of the Staircase. Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks are the top risers, with Zion National Park sandwiched between.

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